Altro Smart App Overview

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Altro Smart App is the complementing free application to communicate with Altro Smart lock. As soon as Altro Smart App is downloaded, it guides through the complete setup and guided installation steps to make sure using the App, user gains the full functionality and feature access of Altro Smart lock.

Key distinctive features:

  • All-in one HD video doorbell and smart lock
  • Talk to and see your visitors with 1-way video, 2-way audio
  • Motion Detection allows you to know when someone is at your door
  • USB port for easy charging
  • Receive real time notifications with video
  • Encrypted cloud backup you can access at any time
  • Easily grant remote access to visitors with video and audio
  • Keyless and touch-less lock and unlock
  • Wi-Fi & BLE connected
  • Integration with other smart devices
  • Unlimited virtual key sharing

You can also download Altro Smart app from the App store and Google Play store.

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