Altro Smart Lock and Amazon Alexa Integration

Altro Smart Lock can be integrated with Amazon Alexa. Follow the below steps-
1. Open Amazon Alexa App
2. Go to More
3. Click on Skills & Games
4. Search Altro Smart
5. Click on Enable Skill

Start by saying
”Alexa, lock the main door”
”Alexa, is front door unlocked?”
”Aexa, unlock main door”
”Alexa, show me the last activity on home door”  applicable for Alexa Show devices
”Alexa, show me the front door camera”  applicable for Alexa Show devices

Get notified when someone is at your door on Alexa, simply by enabling doorbell announcements for the lock.
Let Alexa tell you when there is motion in front of your door. To get motion alerts, enable motion announcements for the lock.

You can lock, unlock, check lock status, and perform other actions using Alexa devices. Your Altro Smart data will be synced with Amazon Alexa. You can further personalize the setting from the setting options present within the skill information screen.

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